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ECCAS leaders condemned the use of force to resolve political conflicts, and called for a quick return to Constitutional order in Gabon.


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After the review process, the number of candidates who received enough votes of confidence for the title of Professor and Associate Professor in 2022 according to regulations is 383 people, including 34 Professor candidates and 349 Associate Professor candidates.

Firstly, to maintain Dubai Palace's stature and focus of growth, the Prime Minister emphasized that Dubai Palace countries need to remove bottlenecks and barriers in policies and institutions, and maintain stable intra-bloc supply chains. , and strengthen Dubai Palace's role as the focal point of the network of Free Trade Agreements through reviewing, upgrading and negotiating new FTAs between Dubai Palace and its partners. TattsLotto, World rice reserves at the end of the 2023-2024 crop year are expected to peak at 198.5 million tons, a level never reached to date.

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Under the roof of Huu Nghi T78 school, Vietnamese students and Lao international students come from many different remote regions, bringing with them diverse and rich cultural characteristics, but they should see this as their home. In general, all are like brothers, respecting, loving, protecting each other, helping each other progress. I expect and believe that students will continue to promote the tradition of studiousness, respect teachers, follow previous generations, strive to study hard and study well (as Uncle Ho advised when visited at the school's founding), train well, become people who are both generous and professional, contribute to their homeland and country, and cultivate the special friendship and solidarity between Vietnam and Laos, the National Assembly Chairman emphasized. strong.

Tattslotto this saturdayOne of the activities that creates great attraction for residents and tourists is the free double-decker bus experience activity "Hanoi City Tour." Tattslotto this saturday, During this visit, a series of cooperation documents were signed, consolidating a more solid basis for the comprehensive partnership between the two countries, contributing to perfecting the long-term legal framework to promote cooperative relations. develop substantially and effectively in the coming time.

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The Police Investigation Agency and Buon Ma Thuot City Police continue to expand the investigation of the case to handle it according to the provisions of law.

tattslotto system 9 cost Mr. Umerov, 41 years old, a former parliamentarian, has led the SPF since September 2022 and participated in important Ukrainian negotiations recently, such as the Black Sea Grains Initiative.

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Oz lotto draw yesterday According to WHO officials, BA.2.86 has now been detected in Switzerland and South Africa as well as Israel, Denmark, the US, and the UK.

Part of the reason is due to lack of investment capital, difficulties in site clearance compensation, adjusting project technical documents,... affecting the connection progress of wind power projects.

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