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Although compared to the target of the Resolution of the 11th Long An Provincial Party Congress, the 2021-2025 term is set at 9.2-10%, this is not a high growth rate, not as expected. , but it is an acceptable growth rate in the context of many difficulties in the world and domestic economy, creating a premise for economic recovery and development in the remaining period of the term.


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Since September 28, in the mountainous districts of western Nghe An, the rain has stopped, the sky is clear, and the water level on rivers and streams has decreased. In the "navel" areas where floods occurred in the districts of Thanh Chuong, Tan Ky, Muong Xen, Que Phong, Quy Chau... the rhythm of life gradually returned. Grassroots authorities and people clean up their houses, furniture, appliances, clean the environment, and soon stabilize their lives.

Thereby, forming the Techno Park production complex between Vietnam and China, initially Hanoi - Shanghai (China) in phase 2 of Hanoi South Supporting Industrial Park (HANSSIP). TattsLotto, According to NASA, this number is 1.03 million square kilometers less than the previous record low recorded in 1986.

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Analysts from Morgan Stanley bank (USA) believe that oil prices could reach 100 USD/barrel, but a series of factors could prevent a sustainable increase above that level.

Check my tattslotto numbersAccording to COGAT, Israel has issued work permits to about 18,500 Gaza Strip residents. These people are mainly unskilled workers at construction sites or farms in Israel. Check my tattslotto numbers, The total import-export turnover of businesses in Binh Duong province has now risen to 3rd place in the country; Of which, import-export turnover from the Chinese market alone accounts for about 40%, mainly by sea and partly by road .

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In addition, from now until September 28, the area from Thanh Hoa to Quang Binh will have heavy to very heavy rain with a common rainfall of 200-400mm, in some places over 450mm. From 1pm on September 26 to 7pm on September 28, the area from Thanh Hoa to Quang Binh had rain from 200-400mm, in some places over 450mm.

tattslotto manor lakes Concerned that toys and foods of unknown origin and poor quality can be harmful to children's health, many parents and families this year tend to shop for Mid-Autumn Festival goods at registered addresses. clear, reputable business; Guide your child to choose traditional toys , especially handmade toys of domestic origin.

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Oz lotto frequently drawn numbers Mr. Marek Vyborny, Minister of Agriculture of the Czech Republic, the country holding the rotating presidency of V4, said: We would like to propose that the European Commission apply deposits or another financial mechanism for import businesses. grain exports from Ukraine. If they could prove that the grain had left Europe via Baltic or Polish ports, they would get their money back.

On this occasion, the Chairman of the National Assembly hopes that Ms. Desislava Atanasova and the group of Parliamentarians of the Gerb-UDF party will lobby the European Parliament to remove the IUU yellow card on Vietnamese seafood products, because this is not only affecting the livelihoods of Vietnamese fishermen but also affects millions of European consumers.

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